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Book of Rules

All key sales are final

Items Received On Consignment:

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Items received on consignment are photographed and listed on Rail Relics Today website. Price is determined by the seller and non negotiable to any interested buyer. Locks sent to Rail Relics Today for consignment will be inspected to see if the lock is in working order. Any defects will be noted. Rail Relics Today policy for keys is "WSWG". For the promotion and handling of items received on consignment Rail Relics Today is allowed 15% of the final sale price for each item sold. There is no time limit on how long you can list your items. RRT suggest that after a cetain length of time the seller might consider lowering the prices of the items that are not selling.

Collection Cataloging

For $3.00 per item RRT will calalog your collection and then "burn" the collection on a CD for your viewing. You can then transfer what is on the CD to your home PC hard drive and print a copy of your items at your convenience. A $2.00 fee applies for the CD. Knowing that some collections are valued at thousand of dollars, this is a resonable fee to pay to have a itemized record of your collectibles that can be viewed.

The question you are probably asking yourself is what happens when I add a item to my collection? Well, for collectors that are not tech savvy, RRT can handle the updating. It would be best to acquire multiple items and then RRT would "burn" a new CD with the updated items. The fee would still be $3.00 per item. Shipping charges for the mailing of the CD would be the collectors responsibility. A $2.00 fee applies for the CD.

To start the process of the cataloging you would need to take pictures of each item in your collection. Remarks such as purchase price, todays value, etc. can be noted on paper. The next step would be to "burn" a disk of the pictures on a CD. Mail the CD to RRT. Please understand that RRT's cataloging is not just confined to keys and locks. Whatever, you collect and want to have cataloged RRT will be able to fulfill your request.

Note: The pictures do not have to be taken on a high pixel setting; with today's high tech cameras small to medium setting is sufficient.

To show good faith RRT would require a deposit of 50% to begin the cataloging process.

Shipping Carrier and Charges

The USPS will be utilized for shipping all items. Once an item sells shipping charges are the buyers' responsibility and are added to the buyers final fee. Rail Relics Today will contact the buyer to offer them the choice of adding insurance to the item that is being mailed. If possible, Rail Relics Today will try to ship the item or items in a economical package or container to minimize the shipping charges. As a added precaution all items packaged for shipment will be bubble wrapped. Items shipped will have a tracking number. If for some reason the package is not received, damaged or lost, Rail Relics Today cannot be held responsilble. The buyer will have the tracking number and seeking restituion will be with the USPS.


KEYS: All keys sales are final.

LOCKS: Unless noted otherwise: RRT offers a 7 day return policy on all locks. All locks are inspected to see if they are in working order. Any defects are noted in the synopsis. If you are not completely satisfied you may return the lock and key no questions asked. Items must be in the same condition as when shipped. Upon receipt of returned items RRT will issue a refund. Shipping cost for returned items are the consignors or buyers responsibility.

Although, the consignor has the right to cancel any item sent to RRT for consignment at anytime, RRT would like to discourage this practice once a person has purchased the item. There will be a 10% handling charge for each item that is cancelled and returned to the consignor. Shipping charges for returned items are the consignors responsibility.

For security purpose's RRT will not accept current railroad steel keys that are numbered in the hunderd series.


RRT will accept as payment Paypal, personal checks or money orders. To protect all parties involved personal checks will need to clear before RRT ships the item.

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